Do not wait until you feel the wrath of a hurricane on your property before taking steps to prepare for the worst. Get professional assistance with ensuring a rapid recovery and limiting loss before damages get out of control.

Whether you are a part-time visitor or a full-time resident, we have the services you need to protect your Palm Beach property. Our hurricane preparedness process involves a variety of services to help protect your home against damages that these kinds of disasters produce.

FLORIDA ESTATE MANAGEMENT SERVICES offers protected residents with a range of services to help protect your home better. Anything from patio furniture storage and shutter installation to post-storm assessments of your entire property.

To prepare for unknown circumstances, you should put together a 72-hour disaster survival kit. This kit includes some essential items to help you and your loved ones survive during this kind of emergency. Whether you stay in place or get evacuated by authorities, these supplies come in handy.

Be sure to pack a gallon of water per family member, avoiding the use of containers that may decompose or break. A normal person requires two quarts of water every day. Hot environments and intense physical exertion can double that amount easily. Make sure that you pack additional water for preparing food and sanitation.

You should also include non-perishable foods in your pack to maintain each member of your family for anywhere from three to seven days. Ready-to-eat canned meats, dried fruits, peanut butter, jelly, fruits, and vegetables serve you well, along with canned juices, milk or even soup and high energy foods like crackers, granola bars, or trail mix.

If your property is vacant and your personal safety is not an issue, FLORIDA ESTATE MANAGEMENT SERVICES can assist you. We can turn your refrigerator to the coldest setting, turn off propane tanks, unplug small appliances, cover all of your windows and openings with shutters, make sure all interior doors remain closed and brace outer doors as needed.

FLORIDA ESTATE MANAGEMENT SERVICES provides you with regular updates on the status of your property and follows any instructions necessary to protect your assets during an emergency. Our preparations often lessen some damages your property experiences and help reduce the costs and time involved in your recovery.

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