Many incidents occur in life that we simply do not have control over. However, preparing your home or business for hurricane season is not one of them. It is entirely up to you how much time and effort you put into protecting them.

Think about everything you have invested in your West Palm Beach area property, now picture it all gone. Hurricane preparedness means taking a proactive approach to disaster management that can help reduce your losses and limit the time it takes to recover after an event occurs. You want to do everything possible to keep your property safe, so do we.

Florida Estate keeps watch over your property, stores patio furniture, installs shutters and performs a full post-storm assessment to help identify any possible hazards that might exist. Our maintenance staff is qualified to assist with damages caused by hurricanes, floods, fires, vandalism, and more. We can address a variety of issues and help you get things back to normal as quickly as possible.

Florida Estate personnel works with each customer individually to make sure your property remains as safe as possible during an emergency. We can help you put together an evacuation plan and a 72-hour disaster survival kit that gives property owners a clearer understanding of where you should go and what you should do as an event unfolds in your area.

At Florida Estate our motto, “Our Mission, Your Home” means receiving critical detail-oriented services that put forth the extra effort required to exceed any expectations you may have. We form lasting relationships with our customers, providing excellent services that you can count on anytime. It does not matter if you are a full-time resident or a part-time visitor, we provide you with the quality, detail-oriented services you deserve to keep your property looking great.

Make us your first stop for full-service solutions and regular updates on the status of your property. When making preparations to limit losses and reduce any costs associated with protecting your home or business, we make it our business to put forth every effort so that you enjoy your stay to its fullest potential.

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