Whether you are a full-time resident or the owner of a second property in the area, making use of home maintenance services in West Palm Beach will take a load off!

  • Owning a seaside home and realizing the responsibilities that come with it can be a burden to some homeowners. This applies whether you are a golf-loving retiree, a busy executive, or the head of an active young family.
  • It can be difficult to take care of the home maintenance issues if your WPB home is used for vacations and you live miles away.

That is why we invite you to take full advantage of the services that we offer.

Florida Estate Management Services will provide you with everything you could ever need as a homeowner. You are welcome to enjoy the benefits associated with using our home maintenance services for your residence.

Let’s delve deeper into the many services available to you:

Exterior Upkeep

Swimming pool in tropical garden pool villa feature floating balloon

Starting from the outside and working our way inwards, the value of your fixed asset is enhanced with good curb appeal. (Not to mention the joy you feel when you first glimpse your attractive sidewalk!)

  • Keeping the lawn well-manicured, regularly trimming bushes and trees, and maintaining flower beds all contributes to an inviting first impression of your home. Cleaning its exterior surfaces, such as windows, gutters, and walls, creates a polished overall appearance.

Once inside your yard, professional landscaping provides a garden that is eye-catching, serene, and indicative of your personal character and lifestyle.

  • At Florida Estate Management Services, we offer both landscape design and maintenance, outdoor lighting repairs, disease, fungal, and weed control, and fertilization. But our landscaping services do not stop there; we also provide irrigation system inspection and repair services.

The only downside is that a hospitable garden attracts unwanted guests too. Included in our home maintenance services is the eradication and control of pests like insects, termites, rodents, and moles.

  • We clean away cobwebs, mud daubers and wasp nests, identify and close up cracks and crevices that are potential entryways for pests, and use naturally derived or low toxicity products for perimeter power spraying and/ or granulating.

Pools are a common feature found in many West Palm Beach homes, owing to the city’s warm and tropical climate. Keeping your pool and/ or spa sparklingly enticing requires weekly pool maintenance and appropriate pool repairs.

  • From time to time, you may also need acid washing or pool resurfacing. Should you wish to extend the time your pool is used, pool heater installation and repairs will also be on your list of home maintenance tasks.

Along with services to assist with taking care of your pool or spa, we offer electrical, plumbing, and air conditioning services. Did you lose your keys or lock yourself out of your home? We also have locksmith services ready to assist you with lost or damaged keys, or re-keying when other circumstances present themselves.

Still outside, we will examine your roof and can take care of any repairs or even re-roofing should that be needed.

Our garage door maintenance program involves a recommended annual maintenance inspection of all your garage door mechanisms to ensure that they operate optimally. We also lubricate all the mechanical parts.

Similarly, you can maintain the smooth operation of your sliding doors with our slider door maintenance program. Once a year we clean and lubricate all slider door tracks and check if any rollers and gliders need to be replaced.

Interior Maintenance

Moving inside now, your HVAC system is essential during the hot and humid weather South Florida experiences. Not only do we offer air conditioning installation and repairs, but we also carry out routine AC maintenance and quarterly AC filter replacement to ensure good air quality in your residence. We also offer home energy audits to assist with keeping costs down while heating or cooling your home.

In the same way, an annual hot water heater flush is recommended to get rid of stagnant water in your hot water heater unit. This also increased the unit’s longevity.

We take “keeping the lights on” while you are away literally! Once a year we change all the burned-out light bulbs in your house – even those in high, hard to reach areas. This includes landscape lighting. We will also reset your timers accordingly.

Electricians are on hand to install or fix any electrical issues in your home before they become fire hazards. Repairs to your washer, dryer, refrigerator, freezer, wine cooler, dish washer and more can also be done.

Plumbing repairs and upgrades are no trouble at all when you rely on our team of vetted plumbing contractors.

Our impressive full handyman service includes repairs to various other items in your home that we have not already mentioned:

  • Screen repairs
  • Water heater services
  • Sealing dryer vents
  • Installing insulation
  • Fitting custom crown molding
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • We even prepare your home to weather massive storms and hurricanes.

If that is not enough, we also offer bathroom and kitchen remodeling services for when you are ready to upgrade fixtures or change your mind about the flooring you initially chose.

Comfort Care

Don’t forget our cleaning services that make sure you arrive (and stay) in a spotless environment!

Florida Estate Management Services offers you:

  • Full house cleaning along with outside services such as window cleaning, pressure washing, upholstery, drapery, and carpet cleaning, and specialist marble and stone care.
  • Both laundry and dry-cleaning services.
  • Attic cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Closet and garage organization.

But that’s not all! For the ultimate in luxury living, ask about how our concierge services will make your time in Orchid City even more extraordinary!

You need and deserve professional and experienced home maintenance services in West Palm Beach. Contact Florida Estate Management Services online or call (561) 721-9537 today to find out more or for an obligation-free consultation.