AC maintenance is a top priority in Palm Beach!

But did you know that a running AC unit in your vacation home is important for more than just comfort? Read on to find out more.

Signs That Your AC Needs Maintenance

If you do not schedule yearly AC maintenance, your unit will eventually let you know that it needs some TLC. The following signs indicate that home AC maintenance is in order:

  • When your AC is on, you can’t hear yourself think over the excessively loud noise
  • It feels like it takes forever to cool the air
  • The smell emanating from the air-conditioning unit assaults your nose
  • The body of the AC has sprung a leak

None of these is conducive to a restful vacation. Do not delay! Get your AC service booked as soon as possible.

Why You Should Maintain Your AC Unit

Other than preventing the nasty symptoms listed above, home AC unit maintenance ensures proper performance and dependability when you need it. Regular upkeep also:

Lengthens the lifespan of your AC system. Unless its filters, coils, and fins are recurrently serviced, your AC unit will lose approximately 5 percent of its efficiency every year. Not only does regular maintenance keep your air conditioner performing at its optimum throughout its years of service, but it also ensures that your system lasts longer.

Reduces energy costs. As with any machine, disregarding necessary maintenance leads to poorer performance. In the case of HVAC systems, the worse the performance, the greater the energy use. As an example, short cycling is a result of clogged air filters and wastes power (while causing excessive noise). That translates into spending more money on power for every year that you neglect to service your AC. In contrast, when your aircon is operating properly, it does not have to work as hard to cool the air. Running economically saves energy, thereby lowering your electricity bill. Simply replacing a dirty air filter can lower the energy consumption of your AC by 5- to 15- percent.

Prevents expensive repair or replacement costs. Discovering minor problems during a service means that they can be fixed quickly and inexpensively. However, when small issues go undetected, they have a habit of turning into big, expensive issues. Dirty filters, for example, can lead to freezing that ultimately damages the coil. Blocked condensate drains can lead to moisture damage on your walls, carpets, or furniture. Regular maintenance checks go a long way to avoiding extensive repairs or even AC replacement.

Validates your warranty. Depending on the manufacturer, it may be part of the conditions of the unit’s warranty that regular servicing is required – even if your aircon is running perfectly.

Protects the environment. Leaking air-conditioner refrigerant releases harmful HFCs that contribute to global warming. Annual AC maintenance ensures that your system is in tip-top condition.

Keep you healthy. Aircons that are not used for any period are particularly prone to the buildup of allergens and mold. When the filters of your AC are changed as part of a service, you are ensuring cleaner, healthier air is circulated.

How Often Should You Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced in South Florida

Generally, the recommendation is that AC unit maintenance should be carried out every year. However, if your HVAC is used all year round, that may not suffice.

In places like South Florida, professionals prefer to inspect and service AC units every six months.

How Florida Estate Management Services Can Help

The upkeep of a home can be a full-time job. Even more so if it is your non-primary abode, and you are not always there. Instead of struggling to keep abreast of home maintenance tasks from a distance, trust Florida Estate Management Services (FEMS) take care of it all. Our fully licensed, bonded, and insured team are ready to keep your home in impeccable condition for your return – and that includes AC maintenance! Get in touch with us today!