Are you tired of worrying about the upkeep of your Florida home while you’re away? Our reliable and comprehensive home maintenance services for snowbirds in West Palm Beach have you covered!

You deserve to sit back, relax, and explore the various services that we offer and how they can make your life as a snowbird easier and stress-free.

The Long Relationship Between West Palm Beach and Snowbirds

Known for its tropical climate, stunning beaches, and vibrant downtown area, it is no wonder that so many people want to call West Palm “home”. Our little piece of paradise on Florida’s south-eastern coast has it all:

  • Sparkling waterways surrounded by lush green landscapes and towering palm trees.
  • Bustling streets lined with shops, restaurants, and cafes – picture Clematis Street’s nightlife, street performers, and outdoor festivals.
  • Scenic parks and gardens such as the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens.
  • An array of golf courses and shopping centers.
  • Beaches boasting pristine sand and crystal-clear waters.

Thanks to all the above and its reputation for being a safe and welcoming city, West Palm Beach is a popular destination for “snowbirds“. Traditionally snowbirds were retirees who migrate south during winter months to avoid harsh conditions and enjoy warmer climates or longer daylight hours offered by southern states.

In recent years, though, the demographic of snowbirds has shifted. A growing number of younger individuals and families are embracing the snowbird lifestyle as they take advantage of the flexibility of remote work. Using their laptops and high-speed internet connections, these “digital nomads” or “workationers“. maintain their careers while seeking out immersive local experiences.

While many snowbirds travel in recreational vehicles to make the most of their adventures, some choose to make West Palm Beach their permanent residence. For those individuals, home maintenance services are essential to keep their property safe and well-maintained while they are away.

Home Maintenance Services

At Florida Estate Management Services, we provide you with the peace of mind necessary to enjoy your time in the sun – and away from it – without any worries about your property. We do far more than simply maintain your property while you are away.

We help keep your property safe, perform security inspections, and even prepare for your return by restocking your refrigerator and pantry before your next visit. Grab the opportunity to take full advantage of your time here!

Property Safety and Security

A vacant property is a magnet for undesirable activities. From petty crime such as graffiti to more serious contraventions such as squatting and vandalism, leaving your house unoccupied is stressful.

One of the top reasons snowbirds hire home watch service companies is to ensure the safety and security of their dwelling. No doubt you will also appreciate the value of these tasks:

  • Property safety and security inspections
  • Checks on alarms and their batteries
  • A regular presence to deter criminals
  • Retrieval of mail and flyers as an overflowing mailbox is a dead giveaway that a home is standing empty
  • Key holder service and access control as per your approval
  • A local emergency contact to act on your behalf
  • Preparing for your return by restocking your refrigerator and pantry before you arrive.

Landscape Design and Maintenance

With all that WPB has to offer, the last thing you want to be doing while here is making repairs or pulling weeds. From lawn care to pool maintenance, our garden experts perform a variety of landscape design and maintenance services, including:

  • Installation and maintenance of lighting and irrigation systems
  • Weed control, fertilization, and pest control
  • Pool and spa upkeep
  • Seasonal planting to ensure you benefit from the results while you are in the ‘hood.

House Cleaning

Nothing is worse than that stale atmosphere a house gets when it has been unoccupied for a while. On the flip side, enjoying the freedom warmer climes allow goes hand-in-hand with getting messy!

Either way you look at it, having everything in top condition each and every time you return is pure bliss. For that reason, FEMS offers a wide range of housework services:

Handyman Services

In the same vein as our cleaning services, let us take over the responsibility of keeping your property looking great and operating smoothly. We have a team of licensed, bonded, and insured subcontractors who we trust to carry out the following:

  • General repairs on electrical or plumbing systems
  • Water heater flush
  • Quarterly a/c filter change and cleaning services
  • Garage and slider door maintenance
  • Appliance repairs and light bulb replacement
  • Locksmith services
  • Rodent and pest control
  • We also keep you informed of any dangerous weather conditions that may affect your property and provide hurricane preparation and repair services if necessary.

Contact Florida Estate Management Services

If you’re a snowbird looking to make the Orchid City your permanent residence, or if you’re simply looking for reliable home maintenance services for your seasonal home, contact Florida Estate Management Services today. We are dedicated to serving you, so you can fully enjoy your time in WPB.

For more information about our home maintenance services for snowbirds in West Palm Beach or to schedule an appointment, call us at (561) 721-9537.