In most American homes, there are many different appliances. These are used on an almost daily basis, and because they are taken for granted, their state of repair is often overlooked. Their importance to your everyday routine changes immediately when an appliance fails to work normally.

Jupiter area residents who notice an appliance is failing can opt for appliance repairs or replacement. Repairs are often the easiest route. Replacing a unit can be more time-consuming – looking for a new unit, having it delivered, and then installed can take time. Repairs consist of a phone call and a visit from the repair technician. Even if additional parts need to be obtained to complete the work, an excellent technician has the parts available and does not need to order them from an outside source.

When an appliance begins to fail, it is important to call as soon as possible because this can help in diagnosing the problem and also in keeping other parts from failing. Some appliances only need very basic repairs to return to a working state. Washing machines with a loose or broken hose, refrigerators with a broken water line, and dryers with belt problems can often be repaired within a very short time.

Electrical cords that have frayed and are hazardous, even on small appliances, such as hairdryers, can be replaced. Favorite appliances designed for personal use can be reclaimed this way and saved from being thrown away in the garbage. Many times, this is the only aspect of an older appliance that needs attention.

When larger appliances need repair, our technicians are ready to help your household return to normal routines. We are educated and trained on all the major appliance models. As always, we handle each job with the expertise and professionalism that our customers have come to know and expect.

We will always
* have our footwear covered to eliminate the possibility of marking your floors and carpets with anything that may be present on our shoes,

* answer any questions you have about the repair, the cause of the failure, and also how to prevent such problems from developing in the future,

* clean the area in which we worked, including underneath the unit if applicable, and

* arrive as promptly as we can, and then complete the repair work necessary to restore your appliance to working order as quickly as possible.

Ensuring that your appliances are functional and safely operating is important to us. We not only provide appliance repairs when something quits working correctly, but we also conduct maintenance checks to prevent break-downs and safety hazards. Contact us at (561) 721-9537 when your appliances require a service call and for regular maintenance inspections. FLORIDA HOME WATCH has everything covered when you need us most.