What is a key hold service? What is it for? We’ll explain everything!

What Is A Key Holding Service?

A key holder is an individual or company who has been given the responsibility of keeping the spare keys of your premises. Professional key holding is essentially an agreement between a private party and a security company for the security or (property management) company to take possession of a spare set of keys for a domestic or business property for safekeeping. Keyholding responsibilities include responding to an incident after an alarm has been triggered.

As you may have discovered, asking a friend, relative or employee to take care of this duty can be disastrous and can easily end a good relationship. Aside from individuals possibly being unreliable or even dishonest, you may not want to put that person at risk or even inconvenience them. It is a big ask.

How The Key Holding Process Works

Step 1: The process begins when the security company visits the premises in question and familiarizes themselves with the building, its surroundings, and its security protocols.

Step 2:  The property owner hands over the keys to the security company and a receipt is given. The keys are stored at a secure location. 

Step 3: in the event of an alarm activation, the key holder company will send trained staff to the premises with the keys. They will gain entry, conduct a search, and determine the issue. If it is a false alarm, the key holder will reset the alarm, thereby securing the property again, and then return the keys to the secure location. If the alarm is signaling a real emergency such as a fire or intrusion, security protocol will be followed and documented with a comprehensive incident report (usually within 24 hours).

Advantages of Key Holding

Key holding offers many benefits to the property owner. Here are just a few:

  • Key holding eliminates the need for on-site security, leading to cost savings.
  • Employing a key holding service will give the property owner peace of mind when they cannot be at their premises.
  • Hiring an external key holding service takes the burden off staff members. Having that responsibility can be very stressful for someone like a member of staff and the task is often not remunerated.
  • Aside from the burden it places on an individual, key holding could place an individual at risk. When an alarm is activated, there is a very real possibility that danger exists at the premises. A security breach can end in tragedy. This could be fire, criminal activity, or something else that poses a physical threat to an untrained person. Security companies offering key holding services employ staff who are accredited by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). These employees are trained to deal with most types of emergencies and are equipped to face dangers with minimal risk to themselves.
  • A key holding service will have access to security professionals, essential services, and emergency services at the touch of a button.
  • A professional key holding service will make sure that all is to maintain your insurance coverage. In other words, they will ensure that the alarm is correctly set and reset and take the appropriate action so that claims cannot be repudiated based on alarm malfunction or other oversight.

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