Are you assessing the need for home watch services for your vacation home in Florida? Then look no further! Inside this guide you will uncover the answers to your questions.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Vacation Home in Florida

Analyzing the potential benefits and drawbacks of different options is a helpful decision-making tool.

Pros of having a vacation home in the Sunshine State:

  • It is a true luxury
  • The idyllic setting that perfectly blends natural beauty, cultural attractions, and modern amenities.


  • Not living in your vacation home for months on end leaves it open to all kinds of potential disasters such as storms and burglaries.
  • The daunting task of keeping the property maintained all year round. The last thing you want when you arrive on your vacation is to have to deal with maintenance issues, such as repairing the air conditioning, fixing broken drains, mowing the lawn, and other time-consuming household chores.

Another useful method of making decisions is to ask questions that align with your needs.

What are Home Watch Services?

Home watch services provide you with peace of mind that the maintenance and upkeep of your property is taken care of while it is not in use. The service includes inspections, monitoring, and tasks carried out by licensed, insured, and trained professionals. But the value of that service to you is the removal of the stress and worry of owning a second home.

How Often Will my Home be Checked On?

Reassurance that your property is okay is one thing. But another advantage is the bliss of escaping to a sanctuary that is in tip-top condition upon your arrival.

To ensure that your vacation home is safe and ready for your next visit, we carry out weekly inspections. By proactively checking for any potential issues, such as general security, air conditioning, pool services, electrical issues, and plumbing concerns, small problems are nipped in the bud. Addressing these before they escalate into expensive repairs puts dollars directly into your pocket.

What Services are Included in a Home Watch Service?

Just as you are unique, so your residence needs specific home watch services. So our Florida Estate Management Services team will craft a package that suits your individual requirements.

First, we take the time to get to know you which allows us to discern your preferences regarding the services needed for your vacation home.

Then we guide you through the wide range of services we typically offer:

  • General security and safety monitoring. Know that your property is protected from threats – both man-made (vandals and thieves) and natural (hurricanes and pests)
  • Handyman services from minor plumbing and electric repairs to kitchen or bathroom renovations
  • Pool maintenance, spa upkeep, and bigger projects such as acid washing and resurfacing
  • Landscaping and lawn care – mowing, weed, insect, and mole control, fertilization, and irrigation inspections and repairs
  • Pressure cleaning the exterior of the building
  • Window washing, house cleaning, specialist carpet and /or upholstery cleaning
  • Laundry and dry cleaning
  • Golf cart, ARV, and car starting, battery maintenance, and detailing
  • Concierge services like exclusive access to events, restocking your refrigerator and pantry, catering, transport services, and so much more.

We strive to deliver exceptional service and exceed your expectations.

Finally, these services not only ensure that your property is well-maintained while you are away, but they also guarantee the complete comfort of your stay. We want to make you a client for life!

Can I Request Specific Services to be Done During the Home Watch Visit?

Yes! Our goal is to make sure you have a comfortable and enjoyable vacation, free from any nagging maintenance issues.

You are not just a number at Florida Estate Management Services. We pride ourselves on building a personal relationship with you. This means that you can contact us at any time to request specific tasks to be done during check-ins.

Should you need any assistance, we are only a phone call away…
Or an email…. Or on our online platform!

You can easily get hold of us 24/7 – even during weekends and on public holidays.

How Do I Know You Are Legit?

In this industry, you are placing a lot of faith in your service provider. We are fully aware of that and aim to prove our trustworthiness at every touch point:

  • Starting in-house, you are protected in the event of a catastrophe because we insist that all our contractors are licensed, bonded, and insured. Moreover, we carry one of the highest limits of insurance in the home care industry.
  • Our team of experts boasts 150 years of combined experience – on average 18+ years of experience.
  • You receive an electronically generated report that is both date and time stamped showing all completed services.

Contact Florida Estate Management Services

If you’re interested in home watch services for your vacation home in Florida, contact Florida Estate Management Services for a detailed plan of what we can do to protect your property. Don’t hesitate to call us at 561-721-9537 for more information.