There are many benefits of home watch services on Palm Beach Island.

A home watch service is designed with your second home or seasonal home in mind. This service provides periodical maintenance, visual inspections, interior and exterior check-ins, emergency response, and many more value-packed services to keep your home in good order and keep you from worrying about it. Hiring a home watch service will give you the peace of mind you need knowing that everything is safe and taken care of.

If that sounds like the perfect solution for you, read on to discover more!

Your Home Will Be Ready for Your Return

When you return to your second home or vacation home, you do not want to smell dust or mold that has built up over the months you have been away. You want to walk in and start living, not spend the first few days airing and cleaning the home out. With a home watch service, you don’t need to be troubled by nagging thoughts about whether you switched the oven off or left some windows open. The home watch service will double check all those things for you.  The secure knowledge that your vacation home or second home is in good hands and being maintained and monitored while you’re away takes a lot of stress away from you.

Bonus: You can relax and unwind from the minute you arrive in the Sunshine State.

It Gives Your Home More Security

Your home represents – not only a massive financial investment – but also a very personal asset that holds treasured memories as well as material possessions. A weekly home watch service will create a presence around your property when you are not around. When your Palm Beach County home is unoccupied, it is important that onlookers are not aware of that. Opportunistic criminals will be fooled by the work that the home watch company and security service does and may be dissuaded from targeting your home.

Bonus: Whether you are in your secondary residence or not, you can sleep peacefully without worrying about safety and security.

Maintenance Issues Will Be Reported

Maintenance Issues Will Be Reported

Homeowners hire a Home Watch Service for maintenance too. Any building requires regular maintenance, no matter how old or well-built it is. If you leave your winter home for six months of the year, a lot can go wrong. Nowhere is it truer that a stitch in time saves nine than with home maintenance. Leaving a small problem unattended for months can result in a huge problem. Have the necessary repairs, cleanup, and maintenance taken care of while you are away so that it is in ship-shape when you return to Palm Beach Island.

Bonus: We only use contractors who are professional, licensed, and thoroughly insured.

The Company Acts as a Liaison

If you are having work done while you are away, Florida Estate Management Services can act as a liaison between you and your contractors and remove much of the frustration of managing a project long-distance.

Bonus: Keys are kept in a safe that is locked at all times for your security.

Your Storm Plan Will Be Implemented

When you have a vacant property, you want peace of mind that the home will literally weather the storms. The most effective precautions involve protecting the areas where wind can enter. An estate management service will check that these areas remain protected and that the home’s exterior remains strong so that wind and debris do not affect it.

Bonus: Our superior reporting system keeps you fully-informed before, during (weather permitting), and after the storm.

Whether it’s security services, pest control, maintenance services or just peace of mind you are after, Florida Estate Management Services can help maintain and protect your home away from home.

Get in touch with the professional team at Florida Estate Management Services for more information about our home watch services on Palm Beach Island.