A vacant property is an open invitation to burglars, squatters, vandals, and other criminals. Here are our top four second home security tips for your Delray Beach vacation abode.

Bonus: You can also apply these home security tips and tricks for protecting your home while on vacation!

Set Alarms Prior to Departure

Topping this list of security tips for your home, investing in vacation home monitoring systems gives you the most reliable peace of mind. Ideally, choose the best security system for your vacation home – one that includes home automation and monitoring. That said, the requirements for a stand-alone residence will be vastly greater than those of a home within a high-security estate. If the location of your property exposes it to a higher likelihood of intrusion, then you will need a more sophisticated system.

  • Regularly check the batteries and operation of your house security system.
  • Do not enter any codes or say your password within earshot of others.
  • Remember to set the alarm before you leave.

Bonus: Installing a security camera for your vacation home has the added benefit of allowing you to enjoy the superb view from afar!

Shut Off the Water Supply and Valves

Perhaps not the most vacation home security tip but shutting off your water supply and valves drastically reduces the chances of needing workmen in your home. (Although, when Florida Estate Management Services cares for your Delray Beach home, all our contractors are strictly vetted and closely monitored.)

Moreover, regular inspections and pipe flushing will detect potential leaks and other problems before they broadcast that the property is empty. Once the weekly inspections have been completed, our specialists turn off your water shutoff valves again.

Bonus: This also saves money and spares resources while your seasonal home is unoccupied.

Secure Windows and Doors

Make it as hard as possible for burglars to enter your home. Start by locking all the windows, particularly those at ground level. If you do not have locks and are pushed for time, hammer a nail into the frame to prevent the window from opening. Make sure that every window is not just pulled closed, but properly secured. Consider adding a security film to fortify the glass or transparent security bars made of LEXAN polycarbonate.

Ensure that all your external doors are fitted with deadbolts – especially doors at the back of your house or in the basement. Whatever you do, don’t leave a key in a “secret” hiding place! Rather leave a spare key with a neighbor or make use of FEMS’ key hold service.

Confirm that your doors and windows are security grade and impact resistant.

Bonus: Well secured doors and windows will also help protect your home from severe storms and hurricanes.

Schedule Regular Grounds Maintenance

Regular care and maintenance of your grounds offers a two-pronged approach to home safety:

  1. Keeping your yard well maintained gives the impression that the house is occupied, thereby deterring would-be burglars. (The same reasoning applies to having your mailbox cleared of flyers and newspapers and displaying regular movement of someone inspecting the exterior and interior of your home.)
  2. Trees and overgrown bushes are a welcome hiding place for criminals. Regular ground maintenance ensures that trees and plants are appropriately trimmed while shrubs and creepers that may provide thieves with a way to climb over walls are removed.

Bonus: You will not be cited by your HOA or local authorities for overrun foliage plus you will be happy to return to the neatest garden in the neighborhood.

Don’t leave it until it is too late! Contact Florida Estate Management Services for more second home security tips and information about our home watch services.