“Snowbirds,” generally consists of retirees who migrate south during winter months to avoid harsh conditions and enjoy warmer climates or longer daylight hours offered by southern states. However, in recent times, a significant portion of this community consists of younger travelers who operate seasonal businesses, earning an income from tourists visiting the area.

Every year the area fills with snowbirds traveling in recreational vehicles to make the most of their summer adventures. However, some choose to make West Palm Beach a permanent residence, which makes home maintenance services necessary to keep your property safe when you return north for the winter to maintain ties with family and friends.

At Florida Estate our home maintenance services provide you with the peace of mind necessary to make the trip and enjoy the lifestyle to its fullest potential. We do far more than simply maintain your property while you are away.

We help keep your property safe, perform security inspections, and even prepare for your return by restocking your refrigerator and pantry before your next visit. Giving you the opportunity to take full advantage of your time here.

Florida Estate specialists perform a variety of landscape design and maintenance services, including the installation and maintenance of lighting and irrigation systems while performing weed control, fertilization, and pest control. We do the necessary work so that you do not have to spend your visit making repairs or pulling weeds.

Florida Estate’s home maintenance services also include house cleaning, dry cleaning, and laundry services. We clean your windows, pressure-wash the exterior and perform any upholstery or carpet cleaning necessary. If your home needs any general repairs on your electrical or plumbing systems, a water heater flush, or quarterly a/c filter change and cleaning services, we are there.

There are a variety of ways we help keep your property looking great and work hard to ensure everything operates correctly each and every time you return home. We even keep you informed of dangerous weather conditions that may affect your property and provide you with hurricane prep and repair services should they become necessary.

Contact Florida Estate Management Services for additional information about benefits available to you and take the opportunity to keep your summer home looking great. Call today. (561) 721-9537