When we purchase a property – be it our primary residence or a holiday home – little do we realize that we do not own the home, but the house owns us! From security and pest control, to plumbing and landscape maintenance; the upkeep never ends. However, when it comes to something major such as roof damage, a prompt reaction is essential if you are to avoid further damage to your structure. Luckily, all-inclusive estate management services have you covered.

What To Do If Your Roof Is Damaged

Strong winds can lift, curl tear, and remove roof shingles, leaving the exposed to the elements. Dents and pockmarks in shingles can be the result of hail. Eventually these displace the protective granules which are meant to guard the interior of your home against rain and sun damage.

If you have experienced roof damage, your home watch services agent will:

  • Assess the extent of damage to your roof by walking around the perimeter noting any dented, torn, curled, or absent shingles.
  • Inspect your gutters and roof vents for any signs of hidden roof damage. Check your windows for any associated cracks or torn screens. Look for fallen tree branches, broken fences, and/or damage to your outside furniture, patios, and decks.
  • Even a seemingly undamaged roof can have lead to leaks which will cause problems in the future. To be sure, your estate management team will check for water spots and other signs of a leak in places such as your attic, ceilings, ceilings and light fixtures.
  • After extreme weather, many contractors are too busy to attend to you. That is another reason why employing the services of a home watch agency is a sound practice. Not only are there inhouse techs available, but the contractors and vendors are licensed and insured.
  • The repairs to your damaged roof will be promptly addressed and closely monitored until completion to your satisfaction.

Florida Estate Management Services

If you own a property in West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Lake Worth and surrounds, why don’t you call 561-721-9537 today to find out how Florida Home Watch can take away the stress of managing, protecting, and maintaining your home? Our weekly inspections by licensed and insured cover general security, pest control, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, pool service and landscape maintenance.