When it comes to remote remodeling seasonal homes in Delray Beach, you want maximum results and minimum hassle, right?

But getting improvements (or even routine maintenance) done agreeably without being there yourself to oversee the work can be a challenge.

With the five-point plan laid out below, a stress-free remote home renovation project can be a reality.

Hire a Well-Known Contractor in the Area

The best thing you can do to ensure a smooth renovation project is to find a good contractor. Finding the right long-distance contractor (LDC) can be challenging, but there are some ways to make it easier:

  • Look for a contractor who is licensed and insured.
  • Because you want a professional with a good reputation in Delray Beach and its surrounding areas, ask for references from past customers. Get in touch and ask them about their experience working with that contractor. (If possible, you may arrange to visit the home of someone who has used this contractor before so you can see their workmanship for yourself.
  • Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential contractors based on these criteria, ask each one for an estimate on renovating your vacation home, including all materials and labor costs in this estimate.
  • Establish how they will communicate with you throughout the process. If they don’t seem open or accessible through email or phone calls, move on!

2. Be on Point with Communication

Dream homes start with a vision. And that’s where communication comes in!

Key to the success of your renovation is knowing what you want and sharing that as specifically as possible. Use photos, diagrams, and videos to get across exactly what you hope for in every room of your vacation home.

The other side of the equation is insisting on frequent and open updates from your contractor. Find one who keeps you in the loop daily by sending photos and updates about what has been done and what needs to be done next.

3. Visit the Project Halfway Through

Yes, it is important to communicate clearly, so that everyone understands what needs to happen at each stage of the renovation project. But even with the ease of modern technology, nothing beats an in-person site visit. (Plus, it’s a perfect excuse to visit the “Village by the Sea”!)

Guidelines from industry recommend scheduling three to four visits. If that number is too great for your calendar, see point 5 below. Aim to visit the project when it is about 50% complete.

4. Create a Milestone Calendar to Share with the Contractor

It can be easy to lose track of what is happening during remodels – especially when you’re doing them from afar. Overcome this by using a milestone calendar to help you stay on top of your renovation plans.

A milestone calendar is simply a way to set up and track the different stages of the renovation process so that each step of the job is clearly defined with its own due date. For example, you will set deadlines for major events such as demolition, utilities installations, and drywalling. From there you can work backwards to create a detailed timeline of the steps leading up to each milestone, e.g., when you need to order materials for each room of the house.

Having a comprehensive schedule on paper (or, more likely, using digital technology) ensures that you and your LDC are on the right track.

5. Use an Estate Management Service to Work with the Contractor

It can be intimidating to remodel your vacation home when you aren’t familiar with the vendors in the area. Projects take time and planning to successfully manage all aspects of construction:

  • Communicating with your contractors
  • Coordinating schedules between contractors and subcontractors/suppliers
  • Making sure everything ordered arrives when expected
  • Dealing with unexpected issues…the list goes on!

The secret to stress-free long-distance makeovers is trusting someone local who can manage these tasks on your behalf. For homegrown expertise, world-class communication, and a commitment to client service, you can rely on us as Florida Estate Management Services! Contact us for remote remodeling, seasonal home assistance, and additional guidance today!