The key to finding the right estate management services in Palm Beach County is to ask the right questions of the companies you are researching. The top consideration is aligning your unique needs with the capabilities and skill sets of potential service providers.

1. Do You Offer What I Want?

Congruence. Unless the estate management services companies you are considering offer the type of services you need, cross them off your list. Because there are a plethora of services involved in managing an estate or vacation home, decide what is important to you and then compare that list with the offerings of prospective organizations. What range of services do you need?:

Home watch services for proactive weekly inspections of both the exterior and interior of your home to proactively check for and handle any issues. Adds an extra layer of security to your home by clearing your mailbox, acting as a keyholder, and supervising approved access to your residence.

Handyman services using vendors that have proven their reliability to fix what needs to be repaired, remodel what needs upgrading, and keep your property in good condition. General home maintenance services must be done by contractors that are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

Cleaning services ranging from interior cleaning – including carpet and upholstery – to exterior cleaning such as window washing and high-pressure washing.

Hurricane preparedness and cleanup services to ensure safety before, during, and after the storm.

Concierge services such as airport transfers, groceries and catering, and more to amplify the pleasure of your precious time in Palm Beach County.

2. Can I Trust You?

Reputation. As far back as the 5th century BCE, Socrates noted that “The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear”.

When it comes to maintaining the integrity of your property investment, you must find a property manager that has a first-rate reputation. Do not take the flowery language used by estate management companies to appear reputable, but ask clients, home care industry peers, and vendors or suppliers about their experiences and takeaways. Look online for reviews and testimonials, ask neighbors and leasing agents for feedback, and check each one out in the South Florida Business Journal.

3. What Level of Experience Will Give Me Peace of Mind?

Experience and longevity. Following on from above, a solid reputation is built from years of experience. By choosing a company that has been servicing your area for many years, you are assured that they can adapt and respond to any unforeseen circumstances that befall your property. (Ideally, you want someone who has been in the business for four years or more.)

Expertise in managing non-primary homes is somewhat different to managing commercial or industrial properties. Confirm that the knowledge, range of skills, and level of customer service provided support what you need.

4. What Credentials and Insurance Coverage Protect Me?

Licensed, bonded, insured. Only interview potential property managers who are properly accredited or insured. While there is no “Property Manager license” or certificate, Florida real estate licensing laws require a broker license for those dealing with the renting and leasing aspects of property management. Estate management services must be carried out by contractors licensed according to their field.

Even with all the correct paperwork, accidents do happen. For that reason, check the type of insurance coverage the vendors used by the estate management companies hold. Also ask about the level of insurance the estate services companies have in relation to others in the home care industry.

5. What Extras Will I Enjoy?

Customer service and communication. Robin Crow pointed out, “There is no straighter road to success than exceeding expectations one day at a time”. From simplifying billing with one monthly statement for a multitude of services, to a willingness to take ownership of your problems and respond with unique solutions – how does each management company surprise and delight you?

More importantly, how can they exceed your expectations without knowing what those are? How easy is it to communicate with the business? Are they available around the clock?

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