Property maintenance on Jupiter Island helps to keep your home safe and secure. It can be difficult to find maintenance services when you are away from home. When you choose a professional property management service (such as Florida Estate Management Services), you have peace of mind knowing your property is taken care of no matter how long you are away.

Property maintenance is so much more than just property management. You’ll receive both routine maintenance and preventive maintenance for the upkeep of your property.

Discover the types of property maintenance services you can receive below.

Interior Maintenance

If you are away from home for a long time or have a vacation home, you may be worried about leaving your property unattended. The weather in Palm Beach County can be unpredictable at times, especially during spring. Rodents and pests can also be an issue. 

Who is going to protect your property when you are away from home? With interior maintenance services, you can receive a range of services that will keep your home looking as good as when you left it. 

At Florida Estate Management Services, we do a thorough check of the interior of your property for signs of intrusion, damage, and pests. If there is anything to be repaired, you will be notified as soon as possible so we can help you take care of it promptly. 

Some of the maintenance services we provide include housekeeping and cleaning of your home to ensure it is spotless when you return, handyman services, general home repairs in the event of a storm or water damage, maintenance of your garage and sliding doors, and electrical and appliance repairs. 

Exterior Maintenance

The exterior of your home can easily incur damage due to bad weather, pests, or simply a lack of regular maintenance and upkeep. When you are away from your Palm Beach home, estate management professionals undertake regular inspections and safety checks of the exterior of your property. Aside from looking for potential problems, you also receive regular maintenance for the outside of your house.

Florida Estate Management Services provides comprehensive maintenance services to ensure the exterior of your home looks as good as the interior. Exterior maintenance services include landscape design and maintenance, irrigation, weed, and pest control, disease and fungal control, and pool and spa maintenance. 

Pest Control

Rodents are the most common pests that cause damage to property on Jupiter Island. Pests like rodents can cause damage to your furniture, electrical wires, plumbing, and even AC ducts. What’s worse is that they can spread disease and bacteria that can be harmful to you and your family. For this reason, you need an estate management company that provides extensive pest control.

We make pest control a priority on Jupiter Island by providing pest control, especially rodent control, and remediation services. You’ll receive exterior and interior pest services, including a regular inspection of your property for signs of pests, treatment of all perimeters to keep pests away, and the repair of damage caused by pests.

Safety and Security

Although Jupiter estate homes are quite safe, you may worry about the safety of your home. With maintenance services, you can receive regular inspections, as well as maintenance of your security and alarm systems to ensure that your home is secure at all times. 

Trash and Garbage Removal

Did you forget to take out the trash before you left? Trash can also be an issue if your home was serviced while you were away (or if guests were present). Estate management services take care of trash and garbage removal for you, giving you one less thing to stress about while you are away from home.

Find out more about our exterior and interior property maintenance in Jupiter Island by contacting our team today!