Are you researching your options for property maintenance in Jupiter Island? Then you are in the right place! Inside this guide you will discover the different types of property maintenance packages available for your vacation or rental properties.

Interior Maintenance

Forming an exclusive community, residences in Jupiter Island are known for their high-end grandeur. Being greeted by peeling paint, cracked tiles, broken fixtures, or even just streaked windows or a musty odor instantly ruins this reputation.

Well-appointed spaces and polished finishes create a welcoming atmosphere when entering your 33455 dwelling. Consequently, luxury property care is most noticeable inside your home. At Florida Estate Management Services, we pay attention to every detail of maintaining the interior of your home:

  • Handyman services that cover general home repairs and remodeling to electrical, plumbing, and slider door maintenance.
  • You can make better informed decisions based on our energy audits while also leaving air conditioning and appliance repairs to us.
  • Cleaning services include laundry and drycleaning, upholstery, carpet, and high-pressure cleaning. We will even organize your closet and/or garage!

Exterior Maintenance

Not only does preventive maintenance ensure the condition of your property, but it also reduces the chances of costly emergency repairs.

From repainting and roof repairs to landscaping and pool upkeep, we have your back. You need to worry about a tedious to-do list – rather just reap the rewards of being a Jupiter Island property owner. 

Pest Control

The subtropical climate that makes South Florida living so pleasant is also what makes your property susceptible to a variety of pests:

  • Rodents nest and reproduce in attics. Not only do they spread diseases, but also put electrical wires, plumbing and AC ducts at risk.
  • Termites feed on the cellulose found in wood, wreaking havoc with wooden structures like your deck.
  • Cockroaches, just like us, love the warmth, humidity, and shelter of the Treasure Coast. They breed quickly and spread disease.
  • Ants are difficult to control once they have established a colony.
  • Mosquitoes breed in standing water.

Pest control is three-pronged:

  1. Inspection of potential problem areas inside and outside of the house.
  2. Routine maintenance to:
    Fix leaks and moisture issues.
    Seal any crevices that pests could use to enter.
    Clear cobwebs, mud daubers, and wasp nests.
  3. Treatment of all plumbing, wall voids, and baseboard perimeters.
    This includes power spraying and/or granulating the perimeter. (Only naturally derived or low toxicity products are used to ensure your safety.)

Our FEMS team also specialize in rodent control and remediation, termite control, and attic cleaning and sanitizing.

Trash and Garbage Removal

Even the most professional property management agents are not above taking out the trash! Potential issues as a result of not doing so include:

  • Pests such as rats and cockroaches, which can carry diseases and cause health hazards.
  • Bad odors and unsanitary conditions.
  • Fire hazard as garbage can easily ignite.
  • Contamination of the environment if litter is carried away by wind and water.
  • Unsightly appearance lowers the tone of the neighborhood.
  • Fines and penalties from the municipality.

Let us take care of this mundane but necessary aspect of owning a home.

Safety and Security

As well as ensuring the smooth running of your non-primary residence, one of the greatest advantages of hiring a property management company is the security aspect.

Regular safety checks provide you with peace of mind. Our licensed, bonded, and fully insured specialists conduct weekly inspections of your property:

  • Looking for broken windows and other security breaches.
  • Examining doors and windows for signs of intrusion.
  • Removing mail, flyers, packages etc. from your mailbox.
  • Testing your home security system.
  • Checking for telephone dial tone, and more.

Additionally, our Service Company Monitoring takes the anxiety out of leaving service providers to do their thing while you’re away. We also provide interior access to your vendors when needed.

When the source of danger is Mother Nature, you will be notified of any severe weather conditions and the actions we are taking to protect your home.

If you are a Martin County property owner and having the weight of the above responsibilities taken off your shoulders sounds wonderful, get in touch with Florida Estate Management Services today! Our vivacious team is ready to take on your home’s property maintenance in Jupiter Island.