Many storms come unexpectedly and pass through with little damage, but hurricanes are another story. Their high-speed winds bring tall waves of water, sheets of rain, and tons of debris into the mainland, sometimes for miles. Those nearest the shoreline are hardest hit, of course, but homes and businesses even several miles away from the ocean can suffer damage. There are ways to minimize the amount of damage.

We at Florida Home Watch are experienced in this service.  Many homes are more than just a place to call home – they are also investments that deserve protection, even in an emergency. In West Palm Beach, hurricane preparedness can help ensure that not only are damages lessened in scope but that repairs are less costly and also less time-consuming. Proper preparation may actually eliminate water intrusion, broken windows, and damaged roofs.

Because taking the time before hurricane strikes can reduce the amount of time needed to repair the damages after the hurricane has passed, and get you back into your home sooner, this is an investment in comfort and convenience. When you and your family have already been displaced because of the hurricane and suffered the stresses of such an ordeal, it is good to know that you can return home more quickly than if you had not taken the time to prepare for such a disaster.

When an evacuation plan has been given to your area, you should begin to prepare for your stay elsewhere. This emergency plan means taking the time to ensure that you have all medications, personal paperwork, clothing, and other possessions ready to leave with you. During this time, instead of scrambling for the tools, the materials, and the clarity of mind needed to make sure every window is boarded up or shuttered, you should use a company with the know-how to get this part of your preparations done correctly.

Florida Home Watch contracts with homeowners, many of the snowbird variety, to protect their winter residences or rental investments, from the ravages of a tropical storm or a hurricane. Receiving a mobile video of your secured property while you are a thousand or more miles away will offer encouragement and a sense of security during a difficult time.

Call Florida Home Watch at (561) 721-9537 to receive help in preparing your home or business for the next incoming hurricane. We can help get your property protected and help you weather the storm.