Having a seasonal home can increase the amount of time you can spend with your family but also increases the amount of time you worry about your unoccupied home. You can’t be in two places at one time. You need someone you can trust to watch over what you cannot. You can even list us as a contact in case your alarm ever does signal your security company of a problem.

At Florida Home Watch, we can ensure that your West Palm Beach area home’s existing security is enhanced. Even the best home security systems can’t do what humans can. They can only respond after something has occurred, and can’t prevent things from happening.

From tree limbs that have recently broken and are now threatening to come down on structures on your property, or on your neighbor’s, to outside messes that aren’t true security risks but can make your home look abandoned. Abandoned homes mean less chance of trespassers being caught, in a criminal’s mind. That can increase the risk of squatters and weekend partiers viewing your home as easy pickings, and this can put it at higher risk. This is particularly the case when no break-in is done, and only the exterior of your home is used by others.

Florida Home Watch can ensure that squatters don’t find an unintended welcome mat and that blown-in debris from the street isn’t left lying around making your home seem unattended. It isn’t always enough to rely on busy neighbors to watch your home for you in your absence. They may not see everything from their own home, but we will inspect your home’s exterior for anything out of the ordinary.

You should call Florida Home Watch at 561-721-9537 and we’ll provide professional services that can help keep your property safe and secure in your absence so you can better concentrate on the important things of family and work where you are.