Dear Valued Home Owners,

Recently we had a severe rainstorm in Palm Beach County. A month’s worth of rain fell over 24 hours. For those of you out of town and in the hardest hit areas, we did a second check of your home to ensure that there was no water intrusion in the house. Some of our clients that were currently in town found that the caulking had deteriorated around their windows and/or there was evidence of roof leaks.


We wanted to take this time to promote a couple of services that we offer. Firstly, we have a very skilled handyman, Tom, who can assist with a wide variety of services. As displayed by the recent rainstorm, it is important to keep the caulking around windows completely sealed. We can caulk any void spots to help prevent water intrusion. Weather stripping on doors is another area that is important to check and maintain to prevent water intrusion.

Have other pesky “honey do” items that need to be taken care of? Give us a call. Do you need pictures hung, toilets repaired, light bulbs changed, gates repaired, garbage disposals replaced, dry wall patched, painting work, or more? We are happy to assist with any of these items, please inquire!

Secondly, some houses as they age may be developing vulnerable/soft areas on the roof and it is just a matter of time before they become leaks. Call us for a FREE ROOF INSPECTION. Our certified, licensed roofing contractor is ready and waiting to come to your home and complete a FREE roof inspection. This is a wonderful service that offers peace of mind.

Call and let us know how we can best serve you today!