Whether you’re an absentee home owner or in your home year round, your home is one of your most valuable possessions and should be in the care of a professional Home Watch and Home Maintenance company. At Florida Estate Management you get both Home Watch and Maintenance by an accredited company at an affordable cost.

Ensure your home remains at it best with the specialists at Florida Estate management and don’t settle for unqualified, uncertified home maintenance.

Getting the best Home Watch service to maintain your home is not only important to keeping your home looking its best. The Home Watch service you choose or don’t choose can also have an impact on your insurance policy as explained in the message below, sent to us by Executive Director of the National Home Watch Association, Jack Luber.

The message below highlights the importance of having a Home Watch company when dealing with insurance companies, especially one endorsed by the National Home Watch Association like Florida Estate Management.

An insurance risk manager has gotten in touch with me concerning Home Watch. He is based out of Naples, and works for a regional insurance broker. He informed me that his insurance providers are starting to get wise about the benefits of Home Watch, and he will be giving seminars to property managers and CAMs about the need for Home Watch in absentee properties. According to him, insurance companies are now starting to take into account whether the home is being watched by a reputable company when considering writing policies on part-time residences. While he will not recommend any company in particular, he will be endorsing and referencing the NHWA. That, my friends, links directly to you. I would be visiting property managers that handle condo complexes and HOA/POA’s. He will be presenting in the middle of October.