If you are looking for a home watch service, Delray Beach homeowners should bear in mind these four important considerations:

  1. Are the company employees trained?
  2. Does the company carry out background checks on employees and contractors?
  3. Does the company have insurance?
  4. Is the company properly licensed to do business?

Because your unoccupied property is vulnerable for extended periods, you want more than just a house-sitting service. You deserve peace of mind knowing that licensed professionals are doing weekly inspections to allay any potential disaster.

Is the Company Trained?

With so many absentee homeowners in Delray Beach and its surrounding areas, the need for home watch service companies is large. Many individuals have taken advantage of this opportunity and started their own business in this field.

Generally, if you own a home, you have a fair idea of what needs to be done, right?

There is a comprehensive training that covers everything from accounting practices and tax law to risk management and selecting local service providers.

Although some untrained operators and hobbyists may provide excellent services, how will you know until it is too late? It is not worth the risk. Instead, look for a company that takes the business of watching over seasonal homes very seriously.

Does the Company Have a Background Check?

Considering that you are trusting access to your home to others, don’t you want to know that they have undergone a background check before handing over the keys?

Vacation homeowners may swap horror stories over a BBQ and laugh it off in retrospect, but you really do not want any surprise visitors taking advantage of your vacant home.

Florida Estate Management Services has done background checks on all its fourteen employees. The team also undergoes random drug tests. We are small enough to keep abreast of what is going on in the personal lives of our staff; yet big enough that we won’t have to rely on outsiders should one or more of us fall ill.

What’s more, with a combined 150+ years of experience, we have curated a database of vendors and contractors who have proven their trustworthiness over time.

Does the Company Have Insurance?

The home watch company you choose must be able to produce its Certificate of Insurance with a general liability cover of a minimum of a million dollars. Enquire if they also carry professional liability and other coverages, such as workman’s compensation.

Furthermore, ensure that all the contractors they work with are adequately insured to protect you in the event of a catastrophe. Being legally compliant is a far cry from being morally protected.

Is the Company Licensed to do Business?

According to the International Home Watch Alliance, there is currently no industry license. So, check what licenses the company does hold.

At the very least licensed individuals should have a business tax receipt registered in the county where they work. Look for additional endorsements such as accreditation with organizations such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

How we Can Help with Home Watch Service in Delray Beach

Florida Estate Management Services has been providing home watch and maintenance services for over 40 years! Our longevity is testament to our prompt service, excellent communication, and vast experience.

The FEMS home watch services include:

  • Weekly visual checks of both the exterior and interior of your Delray Beach home
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • General security – including mail retrieval and keyholder services
  • Storm preparation and emergency services.

Moreover, FEMS only works with contractors who are licensed, bonded, and insured. Our company has one of the highest limits of insurance in the home care industry.

For the highest standards of professionalism and integrity contact Florida Estate Management Services without delay. Discover for yourself the benefits of our home watch service in Delray Beach.