Designed to smooth over the demands of daily life, our estate concierge services will inspire you to explore and experience all that Palm Beach Gardens has to offer.

Once upon a time there lived two pretty ladies – Patty and Penny. Lifelong friends, they enjoy pristine beaches, miles of ocean, and balmy, tropical weather. During the day the women play golf, do yoga, or visit the spa. At night they both have a penchant for fine dining, trendy clubs, and the arts.

No wonder both of the ladies have vacation homes in Palm Beach Gardens!

Where they differ, however, is that Penny is a capable control freak, while Patty prefers to delegate.

You Get Special Privileges

With a formidable knowledge of the city and an enviable network of contacts, a professional concierge service can access special privileges for you.

Whether you are in need of some pampering or planning a night on the town, our concierge team will ensure that the experience is a success. We offer assistance and advice on a multitude of activities related to your luxury life.

To help you make the most of your time, some of the benefits a concierge service provides include:

  • Restaurant reservations at many of the leading restaurants in the area. This includes VIP and short-notice priority bookings.
  • Upgrades at the most exclusive leisure spots and boutique hotels
  • Complimentary entry or drinks at elite clubs
  • Reduced rates for many other lifestyle management services.

Go on! Just like Patty, you deserve to be treated like a V.I.P.

You Have Help for Your Home

Nothing puts a damper on a vacation more than basic housekeeping tasks. Upon arrival at their respective homes, Patty heads to the recently stocked bar for a cold gin and tonic which she sips on the immaculate patio. Penny, however, starts her vacation with a day or two of fanatical cleaning to prepare the place for friends and family.

Among the concierge options available are household cleaning services. Whether you need a recommendation for a part-time cleaner or for us to arrange a thorough deep clean before your arrival, we are on hand to make that happen.

Additionally, our homemaker services include personal shopping and design services to ensure that your home is always a welcoming retreat.

It Saves You Time

One of the most frequently cited reasons for utilizing concierge care services is the time it frees up for more important endeavors.

Can you even put a price on your time?
Patty can! While Penny spent an entire day shopping for the perfect gift for a mutual friend, Patty’s concierge sourced one that matched her detailed specifications. What did she do with the day she scored? Well, anything she wanted to!

Rather than spending your time on researching activities, making dinner reservations, and planning special events, you get to enjoy these experiences. Just let our local experts do the laborious work instead.

It is Very Convenient

As well as saving you time, the convenience factor of our attentive services adds quality to your free time.

When you can rely on someone to capably take care of the minutiae of your life, the peace of mind you get is liberating!

Moreover, your concierge will get to know your expectations and preferences. Removing the unknowns leads to a pro-active service where your next request is preempted.

You Get a Multitude of Options

A concierge service can take care of any aspect of your life. All you need to do is select what of the myriad options fulfill your requirements:

  • Accessing tickets and venue
  • Bon-voyage services
  • Car detailing scheduling
  • Chef and catering services
  • Decorating project oversight
  • Dinner and travel reservations
  • Grocery shopping
  • Holiday or occasion home decorating
  • Oversight of home renovations
  • Package mailing and pick-up
  • Personal shopping
  • Planning special occasions
  • Spa and massage arrangements
  • Vehicle repairs scheduling
  • Web research
  • Welcome-home service, and so much more.

Be like Patty. Enjoy your stay in Palm Beach Gardens to its fullest potential.

With more than 35 years in the service industry, Florida Estate Management Services is well positioned to provide top quality estate concierge services. Get in touch with us today to find out more.