Owning a second home in Palm Beach Gardens is “the stuff that dreams are made of“. Outsourcing the maintenance and management to an estate management services company takes the JQ (joy quotient*) to a whole new level!

(*We thought we were genius and had made up this phrase, but it turns out it’s already a thing.)

The Appeal of Palm Beach Gardens

Top of Florida’s “Best Cities to Live In” list, PBG boasts elegant gated communities, greenspace over 50% of the city, and 12 golf courses. (It is home to the The Professional Golfers’ Association of America headquarters after all.) With a community of 59,182 people residing in 19 constituent neighborhoods, the city is ethnically-diverse – African-American, German, Irish, Italian, English, and Polish.

The temperate climes and verdant surroundings of Palm Beach Gardens appeal to artists (more artists, designers, and media professionals than 90% of American communities) and STEM types (more people who work in computers and math than 95% of the U.S.) alike.

Are you a snowbird, a.k.a. winter visitor steering clear of the harsh winters in the North? A vacation loving family? Or a digital nomad or artist who has embraced working from home in this Palm Beach County city?

Whatever category of resident you are, your non-primary home stands empty for several weeks every year. To uphold the integrity of your investment, maintaining the property is vital – without regular upkeep, your dwelling can lose 10% of its potential value. Additionally, for every dollar you spend on preemptive home maintenance, you can save around $100 in future repairs. But managing that from afar can be a real headache. What options are available to you?

Homeowner Maintenance

If you love DIY and slaving away on repairing and caring for your property instead of enjoying your stay in paradise, then owner maintenance is the way to go. In our many years’ experience though, no one wishes to devote their travel time to repairs and maintenance.

At the best of times, chores required to keep your property in tip-top condition take many hours each week. Now add to the mix the long, hot, and rainy summers of The Gardens, and you need to double-down on the tasks. Doing a half-hearted job is just not an option in a tropical rainforest climate:

  • Grass that grows quickly is a great hiding place for rodents.
  • Overhanging trees can lose branches that can damage your roof, making it vulnerable to leaks.
  • Pools and spas are sensitive to heat and can turn pond-green at the drop of a hat.
  • Moss growing on your roof or siding can trap further moisture – water damage, rotting timber, and mold heaven.
  • Flaking paint lets rainwater seep through and start rotting.

Taking on the upkeep of your residence yourself is a stressful and time-consuming responsibility.


It may have crossed your mind to pay a neighbor or local to keep an eye on your property. A conscientious neighbor can do a series of routine checks at regular intervals. But even with the best intentions in the world, who would blame them for getting a bit lackadaisical over time – especially taking the previous section into account!

Property Management Company

So how can you avoid a hit and miss approach to home maintenance?

More and more homeowners are relying on management companies for regular, wide-ranging maintenance that is tailored to their needs:

  • Home watch services are a proactive solution where your home undergoes weekly exterior and interior inspections to check for and act on any issues.
  • Handyman services use licensed, bonded, and insured vendors to fix what needs to be fixed, remodel what needs upgrading, and generally keep your home flawless.
  • Cleaning services range from interior cleaning to window washing and high-pressure washing.
  • Hurricane preparedness services are essential considering PBG’s location on the peninsula.
  • Even concierge services to maximize the enjoyment of your precious time in Palm Beach County.

At Florida Estate Management Services, we believe service at its core starts with individuals with character, who are motivated, respectful and caring both professionally and in their private lives. Get in touch today to inquire about our high-end estate management services for your second home in Palm Beach Gardens.