If you own more than one property in Jupiter, then our multiple properties estate management services are the answer to your prayers!

To take advantage of the secular trend of favorable real estate growth, property owners need someone to keep their investments profitable. Property management companies should do just that for you.

Create a Process for Property Maintenance

One of the quickest ways to dampen real estate activity is to let your vacation home show that it stands vacant for any period of time. From its curb appeal to the smooth functioning of the appliances, your residential property must be kept in tip-top condition if it is to retain, let alone increase, its value.

Whether you plan to rent, sell, attract investors, or even just keep one as your own relaxation destination, your properties require regular maintenance and repairs.

Unfortunately, the very conditions that make Jupiter, FL such an appealing place to live are the cause of much decay. Think salty air and sea spray, baking hot sun, and tropical humidity.

The key to staying on top of things is to set up a process for property maintenance. Instead of constantly reacting, a proactive property management team will have a system in place that includes:

Regular property inspections so that issues can be dealt with as soon as they are identified

  • Pre-approval from you on handling routine tasks and upkeep
  • Recommended procedures for once-off repairs
  • Suggested preventative measures in case of severe weather.
  • Well-organized document management.

Because reputable property managers do this day in and day out, they have tried and tested processes. So you do not have to reinvent the wheel – simply decide what services you require and let them take care of the daily operations.

Let the Professionals Handle it for You

Do you live close to your non-primary dwelling, and love being the caretaker?
If the answer is “No”, then you probably do not have a contact list full of plumbers, roofers, electricians, painters, and HVAC specialists in Jupiter.

Trying to find and liaise with contractors from afar can be stressful and definitely causes delays. Now multiply that by the number of properties in your portfolio, and you may end up reconsidering your choice of investment. What’s more, signing off on the quality of the job before final payment is best done in person.

Property management services like FEMS are familiar with local vendors and handymen. We have worked with various contractors over the years and built up a database of reliable contacts. Think of us as your one-stop real estate property management shop!

Additionally, for your and our peace of mind, everyone who we use is licensed, bonded, and more than adequately insured.

Always be Updated About Your Properties’ State

As much as FEMS is confident about the quality of our services, we believe that you should always be kept in the loop.

Leveraging the convenience of modern technology, every time work is carried out at your property, an electronic report is sent to you. The reports are both date and time stamped and include a description and pictures of all completed services. We also send communication emails keeping you informed.

Demands on your time are endless, so you need communication with us to be easy and pleasurable. Our lines of communication are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

You can also put in requests electronically via our website so that a) there is a paper trail of what was queried, decided, and actioned, and b) so that you can drop us a message as and when you think of something – no matter where you are in the world.

Finding an Estate Management Service

Florida Estate Management Services has a combined 150+ years of experience in the industry. Your investment properties will be in expert hands! Get in touch with FEMS to find out more about multiple properties estate management services.