Have you ever wondered what the benefits of hiring an estate management company for your second home in Delray Beach, FL are? Then you’re in the right place! Uncover the 8Ps of property management in this “charming, vibrant city of dynamic and diverse communities with a bright future!”

1. Party

Did you know that Delray Beach was once named “Most Fun Small Town in the USA” by USA Today? Do you know what is not fun? Spending time that should be used resting and relaxing working on your second home.

Rather hire an estate management services company to take care of the day-to-day maintenance of your Delray Beach dwelling. Then you will have more free time to enjoy yourself with your friends and family. Take it to the next level with the high-end convenience of concierge services.

2. Prevention

One of the downsides of owning a second home is its vulnerability to slipping into disrepair when it stands vacant. Add to that the combination of Delray’s tropical trade-wind rainforest climate, coastal location, and proximity to the Gulf Stream, and preventing decay can be a full-time job.

Yet you cannot afford to ignore the property maintenance tasks. By detecting and repairing deterioration in its early stages, you avoid greater and more expensive problems. There is an adage in the home care industry that for every dollar spent on regularly performing simple maintenance, you save $100 on costly future repairs.

A home maintenance services company will keep your Delray Beach vacation home in flawless condition.

3. Protection

Regular home maintenance is the cornerstone of protecting your investment. When a property’s hardware and appliances (such as faucets, dishwasher, oven and stove, AC units, pool and spa) are well maintained, it increases the estimated value of your home when inspected prior to listing it.

Realtors look for evidence of:

  • Carrying out preventive maintenance based on regular checks and inspections
  • Keeping a written maintenance schedule and detailed documentation related to everything done to the property
  • Active maintenance that ensures the validity of appliance warranties.

An experienced property manager will ensure that all this is taken care of to keep your investment thriving.

4. Professional

Let’s say you have not protected your investment with preventative maintenance and something in your home now needs urgent attention. Who do you turn to? Are you willing to take your chances with an unknown contractor you found in the yellow pages?

No! Rather hire a handyman services company that has spent years growing a network of licensed, insured, and bonded vendors. Only those who have proven themselves to be professional, reliable, and trustworthy are listed on the database.

5. Presence

One of the less obvious advantages of hiring a home watch services company is the security it provides. The movement of specialists doing their weekly inspections gives the appearance that your empty home is, in fact, occupied. So too does the regular clearing of your mailbox and the presence of a dedicated contact in case of an emergency.

6. Preparedness

Not all threats are criminal, however. With nearly 90 hurricanes recorded in the area since 1930, Delray Beach is in a very high-risk hurricane zone. Heading towards a hurricane or tropical storm to batten down the hatches of your non-primary residence is crazy. But leaving it to hurricane and emergency preparation specialists is another benefit of hiring a property management company.

7. Partnership

When you make use of a full-spectrum estate management services company, you enjoy the simplicity of dealing with one contact. Rather than having to micromanage a myriad of different contractors, suppliers, and officials, you can speak to a property manager who has nurtured a relationship with you and knows what your expectations and priorities are.

8. Peace of Mind

Remove the stress related to owning multiple properties. No more midnight emergencies, tedious searches for decent contractors, or sleepless nights worrying about an unoccupied dwelling.

What’s more, your insurance company is also looking for reassurance! Some policies include clauses specifying the need for periodic checks on properties that are vacant for any length of time. A home watch service may therefore be a crucial aspect of ensuring the validity of your insurance cover.

For more information on the benefits of hiring an estate management company for your Delray Beach second home, give Florida Estate Management Services a call on 561.721.9537 or contact us online.