When leaving your home unattended for a prolonged period, you will need to weigh the pros and cons of estate management services vs security services. Jupiter – like much of South Florida – has two basic seasons in the year: a pleasant, dry winter (November – April), and the hot, wet summer (May – October) often featuring brief daily thundershowers. Many of our residents are seasonal and like to escape to cooler climes when the mercury rises. Empty houses are a magnet for burglars and vandals, so what is the best option to protect your home when you are not there?

Security Services vs. Estate Management Services

Security services merely notify of a security breach, while house watch services provide notifications and much more.

A security service will receive a notification when a house alarm has been triggered. While it is a necessary and valuable service, it is – by nature – reactionary. Prevention is always better than cure; although your property is insured for damage and loss, a break-in is an invasion of your sanctuary. The incident may leave you feeling vulnerable and afraid.

A house watch service in Jupiter gives you so much more. The service will keep you updated about anything that happens at your Florida home and protects it by giving the impression that the home is occupied and observed. The regular inspections will assist in deterring criminals who wish to invade or vandalize your valuable Jupiter property. 

Regular emptying of your mailbox is one task that gives the appearance that the home is lived in. Yes, you could ask a friendly neighbor to take care of this for you, and even to keep an eye on the property with a simple visual inspection, but you do need more. What happens if you have a water leak? Or if your air conditioning or smoke detector breaks down? Events like these – if left unchecked – could cause serious and expensive damage to your home.

Estate Management services can help protect your home and keep you more informed than a security service.

Owning a seasonal or vacation home should not be stressful. When you return home, you do not want any nasty surprises, nor do you want to trek through knee-high grass just to reach your front door. A home watch service will maintain your garden and keep your lawn neat while looking out for pests and vermin that may choose to make your vacant home their habitat. The service will check your perimeter fencing, gutters, and shutters regularly and specifically post-storm.

On arrival, you will immediately feel that your vacation has begun. Your home watch service will see to it that the house is aired, your fridge stocked, and your car battery charged and ready. It takes away the chore of opening up a home for the season and allows the owner to rest assured that there will be no unpleasant surprises when they arrive.

Leaving the home is a breeze too. Simply lock up and go. The home watch service will come in and do the necessary tasks to protect the home until you return. Nobody wants to spend the last few days of the season covering up patio furniture, checking and rechecking every potential hazard and preparing the home for those months of vacancy. You want to enjoy your time in your most valuable asset from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave.

By having a company continually check in on the property, it gives the appearance of being occupied and watched, which can help deter any ill willed individuals and potentially prevent home invasions.

To find out more about estate management services vs security services, contact Florida Estate Management Services without delay!