Juggling work and duties around the house can be troublesome at times. After a hard day of work you just want to relax and enjoy the benefits that you’ve earned. Now you can; trust us with your landscape maintenance issues. We won’t disappoint.

We have a large variety of landscape maintenance services available in West Palm Beach. Our services at their core offer, motivated, respectful and caring individuals, with a goal to provide you with exceptional services on a daily basis. We believe in providing you with a quality personal touch in everything that we do.

At FLORIDA ESTATE MANAGEMENT SERVICES we offer our customers access to various services including a landscape design and maintenance service to provide you with a luxurious environment you’ll enjoy. We handle your irrigation, lighting, lawn and ornamental maintenance. Along with weed control, fertilization, insect, and other landscape related pest control issues.

Have you ever wanted to have a magical experience whenever entering, exiting, or lounging in your yard? Contacting our offices allows us with the opportunity to provide you with exactly what you want. Together, we can come up with a beautiful landscape for you to enjoy every day.

Even if you don’t want to have to maintain the yard yourself, we have the ability to help. FLORIDA ESTATE MANAGEMENT SERVICES work hard to give you the opportunity to enjoy the luxury surroundings we’ve created for you by maintaining the lawn, bushes, trees and other items that require frequent maintenance in your yard. Weeds are no problem for us.

Want special lighting installed on the approach to your front door? We have the ability to install entire lighting systems and properly maintain them for you. Whether you want lights for safety or aesthetic value, your wish is our command.

With a large variety of other services such as home watch, for when you’re on vacation, concierge service, to help you return home from various trips, or hurricane preparedness, to protect your home against natural disasters, FLORIDA ESTATE MANAGEMENT SERVICES is here for you when you need us.

Contact FLORIDA ESTATE MANAGEMENT SERVICES any time to discuss what we can do for you, (561) 721-9537