FAQ’s at Florida Estate Management Services

Fill out the contact form under Contact Us or give us a call to speak with someone directly at 561-721-9537.

Yes, we have a hurricane preparedness program for an additional charge.

We recommend a weekly home watch while you are away, but this schedule can be modified to your homes specific needs.

Call our after-hours emergency hotline and you will be connected with a live representative to assist you. We will be notified via phone call, text message and email which includes our clients information and description of the emergency.

Yes, we monitor all care for your home while you are away, any problems are promptly reported to you.

We offer vehicle maintenance in which we start the car once a week. If you are gone an extended period of time we can drive the car to avoid problem associated with being idle. If the car has a service light we will report it to you and can take it for maintenance.