Estate Management Services in Palm Beach

Estate Management Services in Palm Beach2022-05-10T08:58:44-04:00

Palm Beach is a beautiful city for any homeowner. Let estate management services help you to manage your home in the prestigious city while you enjoy your time away. Visit the galleries, beaches, and beautiful boutiques while Florida Estate Management Services takes care of your home and maintenance needs. Here’s a little more info about our estate management services in Palm Beach.

About our estate management services in Palm Beach

Estate management services in Palm Beach

Florida Estate Management Services provides our clients with a full and comprehensive home maintenance service. Our team of licensed professionals provides you with home management and maintenance services whenever you need a getaway. What this means for you is that you can ensure that your home’s interior and exterior are expertly taken care of. 

Our services are directed to those in Palm Beach who need to be away from home (for a short or long period). If you have a vacation home in Palm Beach or are away from home and require maintenance management, we are also a call away.

Our estate management services include

  • Inspection Services: Our team of experts provides a weekly inspection of the property to ensure that your home is in good order.
  • Service company monitoring and supervision: Are your security systems working? Do you have a gardening service? We work with your vendor to ensure that all of your services run accordingly.
  • Exterior Inspection: We check your home’s exterior regularly, looking for signs of property damage, leaks, cracks, or mold. Other checks we do include checking blocked gutters, signs of infestations, pool and spa maintenance, and landscape.

Why are estate management services essential?

Do you have to rush home or constantly check up on your vacation home? In this busy age, we do not have time to constantly ensure our home maintenance is taken care of. Our estate management services help you to take care of your home so that you don’t have to rush home to check up on your home. We take care of unsightly and obvious problems around your home (such as pest infestation or landscape clean-up) which not only helps to keep your home clean but helps to deter thieves. Your home would look as if it has been “lived in” and taken care of daily. 

Some problems can occur in your home such as mildew or mold, which can cause serious damage and harm down the line. Our estate management services can look for signs of damage and help you to take care of it before it becomes a costly concern.

Why should I use Florida Estate Management Services?

  • Affordable estate management services at your disposal whenever you require it
  • Our professionals are fully certified, qualified, skilled, and insured – you can be sure that your property is left in good hands
  • We offer personalized services according to your unique needs and home
  • Special concierge services at your disposal should you require additional services 
  • We can help you to prepare your home for emergencies or check for signs of damage after a storm or hurricane
  • Customer satisfaction is important to us. We strive to provide our customers with friendly and courteous service.

When it comes to Palm Beach estate management services, our estate management team takes the lead. We meet our customer’s needs by the use of Meeting our open communication and respect. With a personal touch to every customer we encounter, our services make us one of the top-rated estate management services in Florida. 

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We use Florida Estate Management Services for Home Watches when we are away at our northern home in New York. Our Florida home is always in great hands when we are away. They even do a complimentary turn on and welcome back so that we come home to a cool house, the water is on, the hot water heater is running, fresh ice is in the fridge and our washer and dryer are set-up and ready so we don’t have to spend our day setting up the house.

Stephen in Palm Beach
Estate Management Services Florida FAQs
What Does an Estate Management Company Do?2022-10-13T08:24:53-04:00

When you’re not home, a home management company will take care of your property. We specialize in seasonal residents but we can also take care of your home regardless of how much time you are away. Our teams will ensure that your home is secure while you’re away.

Would You Manage Improvements Required to My Home?2022-10-13T08:28:38-04:00

Our teams can handle any job, no matter if you are looking to maintain your home or do some handiwork around it. Our network includes over 80 licensed contractors. We can also provide references to qualified vendors for your project.

What Qualifies You to Watch Over My Home?2022-10-13T08:26:51-04:00

The reasons we are recognized as a market leader in the estate management business qualify Florida Estate Management Services to watch over your unoccupied home and include:

  • Licensed, bonded, and insured contractors that provide a wealth of resources and a wide variety of services to our clients
  • An expert team boasting 150 years of combined experience (with an average of over 18 years’ experience)
  • Customer first approach as demonstrated by our 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year availability and technology-driven communication channels
  • Country Club billing.
  • Weekly Inspections
  • Additional concierge services
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