Estate Management Services in Palm Beach Gardens

Estate Management Services in Palm Beach Gardens2022-05-10T08:59:05-04:00

Looking for expert estate management services in Palm Beach Gardens? Look no further. Florida Estate Management Services offer exceptional estate management in Palm Beach Gardens and surrounding areas. We take care of your home while you are away so that you do not have to stress. If you need anything from the interior, exterior, and maintenance services, you can rely on our team of licensed professionals to get the job done right every time. Read about our services below in Palm Beach Gardens.

Why do you need estate management in Palm Beach Gardens?

Estate Management Services in Palm Beach Gardens

If you have a vacation home, second home, or an empty nest in Palm Beach Gardens, you are probably worried about maintenance and care of your home while you are away. Who will check on your garden and ensure weeds are not surrounding your beautiful grass? Who will take care of your home during a storm? With estate management, you can have some of the anxiety that comes with an empty nest reduced.

Estate management service teams take care of your home by providing you with maintenance services. They are a “lookout” for your home while you are away, protecting from harm and keeping it in immaculate condition.

Why do you need Florida Estate Management Services in Palm Beach Gardens?

Apart from our team of licensed, qualified, and fully insured experts, we have testimonials and several years of experience in bringing quality service to Palm Beach. When you are not around to take care of your home, we are on standby. Our teams can take care of anything you need, as we are motivated, respectful, and caring. We understand that you have a busy life and need time to travel and this is why we offer a comprehensive list of services to help you to create a beautiful life for yourself even outside of Palm Beach Gardens.

Our services

  • Inspection Services
  • Service company monitoring and supervision 
  • Exterior check of property for damage 
  • Insect infestation check
  • Pool and Spa cleanliness
  • Interior inspection check
  • Air conditioning system checks, maintenance, and repairs
  • Appliance Inspection

Our team

Our expert and fully licensed team works diligently to address all the needs and demands of your home in Palm Beach Gardens. If you have any issue with your home and cannot solve it, we will craft a solution that works for your needs. Apart from our home maintenance services, we also provide handyman services. These include painting the exterior and interior, remodeling of the kitchen and bathroom, replacing light bulbs and fixtures, and garage door maintenance.

How to get estate management services

Give us a call for a free quote. Our services include regularly monitoring your home for signs of damage or severe weather conditions. If repairs or maintenance are needed, or if there are signs of breakdown that need to be addressed, our fully licensed vendors can take care of it for you. Hurricane damage is a problem that needs to regularly be addressed in Palm Beach Gardens but with our services, we can solve this. We compile a report to document the storm’s characteristics and effects on your home. The report is based on a four-day survey of the conditions after the storm and oral and written follow-up. 

For estate management services in Palm Beach Gardens, contact our team today!


We use Florida Estate Management Services for Home Watches when we are away at our northern home in New York. Our Florida home is always in great hands when we are away. They even do a complimentary turn on and welcome back so that we come home to a cool house, the water is on, the hot water heater is running, fresh ice is in the fridge and our washer and dryer are set-up and ready so we don’t have to spend our day setting up the house.

Stephen in Palm Beach
Estate Management Services Florida FAQs
What Do I Need to Worry About When My Home Is Unoccupied?2022-11-14T08:18:13-05:00

Home watch companies are often hired by homeowners to reduce criminal activity.

Other areas of concern are:

Faulty electrical systems can cause fires and appliances to stop working.

Even minor leaks can cause major water damage if left unchecked over long periods.

Florida hurricanes can bring torrential storm surges and floods to the state, as well as power outages and other damage.

Advantages of Hiring an Estate Management Company2022-10-13T08:23:37-04:00

When you choose to work with an estate management company, you free yourself of the stress involved with maintaining and caring for your vacation home.  Your property is looked after, whether your are there or not.

We also keep you updated after every weekly inspections of any issues.

Do You Provide Additional Adhoc Services?2022-10-13T08:24:27-04:00

Florida Estate Management Services offers a wide variety of services, including additional concierge services. We aim to provide a wealth of resources to our clients. Click to view some of our Concierge services

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