As the owner of multiple properties, are you constantly plagued by vacation home worries? That’s why you need a home watch service. Find out more about protecting your non-primary or rental property from potential issues and property damage inside this guide.

A Vacant Home is a Vulnerable Home

The length of time your seasonal home stands unoccupied is directly proportional to its risk of major damage because of storms, fire, theft, or insect infestations.

The best way to protect your investment is to hire a professional home watch service, like Florida Estate Management Services (FEMS). Here are three of the most pertinent ways we defend your home:

1. Hurricane or Storm Damage

The 2,600-square-mile Palm Beach County, FL is perfectly situated for gorgeous weather, lush scenery, and miles of sandy beaches. On the flip side, given its location, Southeast Florida is prone to torrential rains and vicious winds that can lead to storm surges, hurricanes, and flooding. (Did you know that Florida has the highest frequency of tornadoes/ 10,000 miles2 of states?) Hurricane preparation strategies are vital to protecting the interior and exterior of your home:

Heavy winds can break tree branches and send them and other objects flying – potentially damaging windows and roofs. Water damage resulting from this destruction, flooding, or blocked gutters can be devastating.

While you cannot stop a serious weather event, home watch professionals can proactively ensure that your residence is prepared to weather the storm. FEMS recognizes potential risks and takes precautions to protect your home. From securing your outdoor furniture to servicing sump pumps, being prepared is the difference between immense loss to one of your most valuable assets and a negligible inconvenience.

2. Faulty Electrical Systems and Failed Appliances

Part of modern living is an abundance of gadgets that keep your home comfortable. When you are not around to keep an eye on them, however, faulty wiring and failed appliances are a hazard.

Bursts of electricity to your electrical system will trip circuit breakers and can result in damage ranging from minor wear and tear on appliances like your refrigerator, thermostat, and alarm to a catastrophic electrical fire. Electrical surges are caused by anything from defective or old wiring, damage to power lines, faulty appliances, or lightning strikes. (Did you know that Florida tops all the states in terms of lightning density?)

While it is not always possible to prevent electrical issues, weekly visits and inspections done by property management companies help to monitor irregularities. Any problems can be addressed quickly to prevent them from snowballing. The best way to protect your HVAC, water heater, security system, other appliances, and entire vacation home is to use a home watch service.

3. Pest Intrusion and Infestation

Not all squatters walk on two legs! A 2010 survey found Florida to be the worst state for insect problems. (Did you know that the Sunshine State is home to 32 species of ants alone?) Luckily we have since been usurped by Ohio, but thanks to the warmth and humidity, dense vegetation and open-air eateries, pests like cockroaches, termites, rodents, and flies still thrive in the Southeast.

The visual inspection of a home done by a professional home watch company includes checking for signs of infestation. Swift and regular pest control is in the best interest of your Palm Beach County vacation home.

Protect Your Property While You Are Away!

The adage that prevention is better than cure is particularly valid when leaving a property unoccupied. Early detection of obvious issues can avoid knock-on damage, for example water leaks and collapsed ceilings, mold, mildew respectively.

Additional services enhance your quality of life and include landscapers and lawn care, cleaning services, clearing your mail of flyers, and concierge services.

Serving homeowners in Palm Beach County, the peace of mind provided by Florida Estate Management Services (FEMS) is the reason why you need a home watch service.