Florida’s summers might be wonderful for sunbathers and deep-sea fishermen, but they are not the ideal climate for your car. Storing your car for the summer could be the solution. Direct sunlight and a lot of moisture do not mix well with your classic, luxury, or exotic car. The strong Delray Beach sun can do some serious damage to the interior and exterior of your vehicle, especially if it is being stored outdoors.

Storing Your Car for the Summer in Florida

The smart choice is to store your vehicle when you head up north to escape the hottest months of summer. The experts at Florida Estate Management Services (FEMS) can help you with this task using their superb storage facilities. Here are some key points for storing your car in Delray Beach, FL.

Change the oil

If you are going to be storing the car for longer than a month, you should have the oil changed. This is not to say that a full service is required, but an oil change will be beneficial to prevent the debris that settles in your sump from re-entering the system when you start the car up again after the storage period.

Get it washed

Dirt and bird droppings that are left on your car’s paint for an extended period can damage the paintwork. Dust is also an enemy to automobile paint. It is therefore advisable to wash and even wax your car before storing it.

Make sure that the car is carefully dried after cleaning and wiping down all surfaces. Leftover moisture will cause mold and mildew to start growing. Use cleaning products that are specifically designed to destroy mold growth and wipe down the car’s interior with antimicrobial products.

While a climate-controlled facility is sheer luxury for your car, one of the biggest advantages of luxury car storage is the availability of in-house detailing and maintenance

Interior detailing will include vacuuming, dusting, steam-cleaning, shampooing seats, and carpets, and even conditioning interior leather. 

Exterior detailing will include washing, waxing, cleaning of tires and trim.

Finally, routine services provided also include checking tires and reinflating them as needed, adding oils and fluids, and battery maintenance (recharging or disconnecting, if needed).

Top off the gas tank

Fill up the fuel tank before storing the car to prevent the seals from drying out.

Keep your battery charged

Do not allow your battery to go flat. Get someone to come and drive the car every so often to prevent the battery from drying out. The life of your battery will certainly benefit from this good practice.

Keep your tires inflated

If a car is left standing for an extended period of time, the tires may develop “flat spots”. If your tires are properly inflated, this is less likely to occur.

One of the most important things you will get from a professional auto storage facility is security. When your car is in the right hands, you won’t need to be concerned about it being stolen or damaged.

If you happen to be in Delray Beach and want to take the car out of the storage facility for a day – or any length of time – it will be easy to arrange. What could be more relaxing than a summer drive up the coast to clear your mind of all your worries? Choose a storage facility that offers accessible in and out privileges.

Storing your vehicle in a professionally managed storage facility is the best option. Whether you are looking for storage for three weeks, month, or years, Florida Estate Management Services can offer you the right storage unit for your needs in North Palm Beach. You can rest assured that your precious car or RV will be well looked after with added services like in-house washing, detailing, battery maintenance, tire pressure checks, car starting services. For more information on storing your car for the summer and all other aspects of leaving your Delray Beach home vacant, contact Florida Estate Management Services today!