Does your non-primary property stand vacant for an extended period of time? Inside this guide, seasonal residents like you share the benefits of estate management in Palm Beach.

Florida, and Palm Beach County in particular, is synonymous with sunny weather, pristine beaches, and exquisite golf courses. Iconic Palm Beach is all that – and so much more. The Lake Worth Lagoon separates The Island from the mainland, contributing to the town’s exclusivity. Famous for its wide Municipal Beach and upscale Worth Avenue opposite, the 3.80 miles2 of Palm Beach is the vacation destination for not only Dr. Seuss’s Mayzie the bird! On top of its 9,000 full-time residents, Palm Beach County’s second municipality has 20,000 seasonal homeowners. No wonder the home watch industry burgeons here.

What Is an Estate Management Professional?

Estate management and home watch professionals perform regular inspections of unoccupied vacation homes. Trained professionals, members of a home watch service team ensure that when they do a visual inspection of a home, they identify more than just obvious issues. Using best practices during a home visit, your home watch company proactively locates irregularities and property damage.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Estate Management Services Company

Discover the great benefits of using a professional home watch company as shared by fellow Palm Beach County vacation homeowners:

Phil is relieved that a regular household inspection led to the quick repair of his roof. The vetted contractors not only sealed up the leak, but also averted further possible disasters such as a collapsed ceiling, rotting carpets, and mold. In the same way, all exterior and interior elements of your property are inspected and addressed as part of a professional home watch service. Whether dealing with water leaks, faulty appliances and electrical problems, or broken garage door motors, “a stitch in time saves nine”!

According to Florida law, workers’ compensation insurance is required when a business has four or more (full- or part-time) employees. When you live far away from your second home, you are in the dark as to what type of handyman you are dealing with. A huge benefit of keeping your residence in tip-top condition with a home watch services company is the quality of their contractors. First, all must be fully insured – no matter the size of the business. Moreover, the estate management company itself should be bonded and have a high insurance limit. Next, your management company should verify and monitor their trade licenses. Finally, all service providers should be vetted, and only those who are approved should be hired on your behalf.

Millie relies on estate management services to keep rodents and insect infestations at bay. Thanks to the balmy climate, lush vegetation, and ample lawns, Palm Beach is heaven for pests. Regular inspections are key to stopping infestations as they occur.

One of the primary reasons to hire an estate management company is for safety. Although not security guards, just the presence and movement of home watch professionals on your property deters intruders. What’s more, home watch checks include examining doors and windows for vandalism or other security breaches, testing your security and telephone, and liaising with your security service during alarm calls.

Joanne appreciates the peace of mind she gets knowing that her home is taken care of during a hurricane. A professional estate management company stays up to date with weather warnings. As soon as a severe weather event threatens, your residence gets fully prepared for protection against hurricane damage. You should also receive feedback and a report on the condition of your dwelling once the storm has passed.

Phil and Nancy both love the additional services such as house cleaning, concierge services, and the bliss they add to their vacation experience.

Conveniently located just off the Flagler Memorial Bridge, Florida Estate Management Services (FEMS) is a licensed, bonded, and comprehensively insured company. Years of experience accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) proves the true professionalism of our local company.

To find out more about the benefits of estate management in Palm Beach, contact FEMS without delay!