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Roof Repair Work In Jupiter Should be Carried Out by Professionals

There are many reasons why your home may need its roof repaired. Tree limbs can cause damage that happens suddenly, shingles may be damaged or missing, and debris that collects over time and is not removed can cause problems with rot. Humidity problems in the attic, because of poor insulation, can create damage with the
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Hurricanes and Professional Help to Mitigate or Prevent Damages: Trust Florida Home Watch to Secure Your Property Before a Hurricane

Many storms come unexpectedly and pass through with little damage, but hurricanes are another story. Their high-speed winds bring tall waves of water, sheets of rain, and tons of debris into the mainland, sometimes for miles. Those nearest the shoreline are hardest hit, of course, but homes and businesses even several miles away from the
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Having Great Neighbors is Good but Florida Home Watch is Better

Having a seasonal home can increase the amount of time you can spend with your family but also increases the amount of time you worry about your unoccupied home. You can’t be in two places at one time. You need someone you can trust to watch over what you cannot. You can even list us
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Loyalty Rewards

Referral & Loyalty Rewards Programs

MARCH 2014 Dear Valued Home Owners, We are very excited to roll out Two Brand New Referral and Rewards Programs! REFERRAL PROGRAM Take advantage of our new Referral Program and get rewarded! Refer a friend or neighbor to us and receive $25 toward your next handyman service. Please refer them to our website to see all of
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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Dear Valued Home Owners, This month we are highlighting proper Air Conditioning Maintenance. Maintaining your Air Conditioner is a lot like maintaining your car. Neglecting necessary maintenance ensures a steady decline in overall performance and may lead to major repairs. An air conditioner’s filters, coils, and fins require regular maintenance for the unit to function
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Preventing & Repairing Water Damage

Dear Valued Home Owners, Recently we had a severe rainstorm in Palm Beach County. A month’s worth of rain fell over 24 hours. For those of you out of town and in the hardest hit areas, we did a second check of your home to ensure that there was no water intrusion in the house.
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